Smooths, firms skin

Exfoliates & renews

Diminishs wrinkles

Visibly rejuvenates

Reduces breakouts

Tightens pores

Extracts impurities

Controls oil balance

DuoMasque will make you look more beautiful and YEARS younger in 60 days or less, or your money back



" I have rosacea (the acne form). Your DuoMasque instantly makes the lumps and bumps almost disappear."

Deborah C ., Parker, CO

"I've had botox, dermalogen and collagen treatments. I have found these not only expensive, but also temporary and non-cumulative.

"After my fourth DuoMasque treatment, I literally began to see a transformation. The lines began to soften, the texture of my skin improved, blemishes disappeared and I have a real 'peaches and cream' glow. Lately, I have been asked over and over again 'what's different' or what have I been using' or 'had I gone ahead with that face-lift'. That's how dramatic the results have been for me."

Kathy O., Des Plaines IL

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not absolutely delighted by DuoMasque, simply return the product container for a full refund of your purchase price. You won't risk ONE CENT when you try DuoMasque.

Most users will see immediate improvement upon application, and lasting, long term benefits to their complexion within just a few weeks. But you are welcome to use DuoMasque for up to six months before deciding if you want to keep using it. We are THAT confident!

No automatic shipments

This isn't one of those gimmicks where your first jar is "free", but you are automatically enrolled in a subscription where the product and the charges keep coming until you call to cancel. At SilkSkin, we wait for you to call us when you are ready to order. No high pressure sales. We let our products speak for themselves.

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NO automatic shipments NO risk NO high pressure sales tactics!
Just more beautiful, more youthful looking skin in 60 days or less!